HM proud to be the world’s first SPO workplace in the world

Supporting the Act for Wildlife Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge led by Chester Zoo.

By Kathy Szeputi – Head of Brand & Communications

We were delighted when Chester became the world’s first SPO City, and for HM (then Hillyer McKeown Solicitors) to become the First SPO Workplace in the World!

By closely working with the Zoo HM was able to identify which current products could be switched to ones which use Sustainable Palm Oil (SPO). A dedicated SPO group was set up to achieve the task. Starting in the kitchen, the team began by swapping cleaning products. We remain proud to support the campaign which resulted in Chester becoming the first Sustainable Palm Oil City in the World. Other cities are following, and whole communities.

How you can get involved in the SPO campaign?

Chester Zoo spearheaded and succeeded in Chester becoming the first Sustainable Palm Oil City in the World. The campaign is continuing by encouraging other cities, workplaces, and communities to get on board.

The campaign is not only about businesses – everyone can get involved. You might be surprised by the small changes which can make a big difference (such as the chocolate you eat). Here’s how individuals can pledge their support for SPO.

Is unsustainable palm oil hiding in your shopping?

Palm oil can be found in many foods and products. So much so that it can be hard to spot. The Zoo’s campaign supports actually using ‘sustainable’ palm oil (from a segregated supply chain), rather than just supporting using SPO.

The industry-led body championing SPO is the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which is backed by the WWF. Visit Chester Zoo’s website to find out more about RSPO and look out for the logo on products.

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