Meet Andrew Scott

Are you facing a divorce or relationship breakdown? We understand this can be a difficult time.

Unfortunately, some marriages and civil partnerships do not work out as expected. When you are separating or need a divorce lawyer, this is where Andrew comes in.

Andrew helps couples sort out finances when they are facing a marriage breakdown, civil partnership separation, or a cohabiting relationship breakdown. In such situations, assets you may want to think about include:

  • the home you share, especially if you have lived together for some time
  • a family home that may be part of the family inheritance
  • personal savings.

What about income? Claims may also be made against the other person’s income – and as every life situation is unique, Andrew provides personalised advice to suit individual circumstances.

What about arrangements for children after divorce or separation?

Andrew supports couples with children going through a divorce or separation, helping them agree arrangements (including access or custody) for the children.

If you are facing a marriage break-up, you can benefit from Andrew’s experience. He helps Elizabeth Hassall who heads up our Family and Relationships team sort out complex financial arrangements between couples. His experience covers both country practices and city practices, having trained and worked in prestigious Legal 500 ranked firms.

HM3 Legal’s clients include high net-worth individuals with significant property portfolios or business assets, and re-married couples who need to consider both financial agreements, and arrangements for children from the current or previous relationships. Andrew supports Elizabeth when dealing with such matters.

Family court representation

Andrew does advocacy work, regularly appearing in family courts on behalf of clients, to express their views and represent their wishes. He is also the Treasurer for Cheshire & North Wales Resolution committee. Resolution is a community of family justice professionals committed to supporting families and individuals facing divorce or separation. They promote negotiating and resolving situations in a constructive way.

Are you facing the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage? Are you wondering where to go for advice and how to file for a divorce? Please contact Andrew for a confidential conversation to see how he can help.

Contact Andrew if you are separating

To help you sort out your financial situation
To help you sort out your financial situation