Six new standards
for bl**dy brilliant lawyers

A refreshing take on legal services

We’re not all talk, we act.

We’re here to shake up the industry, refresh practices and change the public’s perception of the legal sector.

We’re setting the agenda with 6 new standards for everyone at HM3 Legal to live and work by.

We think you’ll notice the difference.



Does the prospect of instructing a lawyer fill you with dread? If you feel like you get better service everywhere else but from your lawyer, you’ll wonder what you’re paying for.

We deliver legal care beyond service; every lawyer, every interaction, every bl**dy time. An experience you’ll want to share.

Because we give a damn.


No chase


If you have to hound your lawyer constantly to see any progress, maybe you’ve wondered who’s paying who?

We won’t go AWOL. We're on your case, not the other way around.

And relax.




If you’ve ever been sent a surprise legal bill that’s triple the initial quote, or been charged for a quick phone call, you probably think legal costs are scandalous.

We have a range of fixed-fee options you can agree with your lawyer, so you know where you stand.

How refreshing.


One Central Point

Of Contact

At many traditional law firms, you only have access to the lawyer dealing with your matter in hand. Or even worse, it can feel like you’re being put through to whoever is available at the time.

We’re now doing things differently. Our commercial clients can have a go-to person to support them, regardless of their question.



Plain English


If you ask a simple question about what’s going on, you want a simple answer. Not one so confusing you forget what you asked in the first place.

We’re free from legal jargon or waffle.

We talk straight.


Service Level


Maybe you’ve had a lawyer that talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk?

We’re not all mouth and no trousers. If you feel we didn’t deliver the experience you were promised, take up to 10% off our legal fees. All we ask is you tell us where we went wrong.

No quibble.