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Have you had this tricky conversation yet?

By Ruth Heap – Partner and Head of Private Client Services

At HM3 Legal we’re all about talking plainly, which includes having those difficult conversations about inheritance and estate planning. We’re on a mission to ensure that families and all homeowners are legally protecting themselves in the best way possible.

But many people remain unsure about the process of inheritance and probate, including the timings involved.

Whatever your age, why wait to talk about inheritance with loved ones?

We appreciate that talking about this tricky topic can be uncomfortable – yet this is not something just for the older generation to consider, or to leave until later. Getting your affairs in order often brings peace of mind for everyone involved, and completing the ‘legals’ now means your family could avoid an unwanted tax bill or even arguments over assets and heirlooms down the line.

Forward planning can avoid a nasty financial surprise – which can come out of the blue for the unprepared. While 14% of the people in this survey plan to appoint a solicitor, this rings alarm bells with me! Investing in professional legal advice is essential to avoid unnecessary IHT and to remove stress and uncertainty surrounding the process.

When it comes to inheritance and probate I would always encourage anyone to at least have that free initial conversation with a lawyer to understand what’s involved.

Read the full Law Society report here.

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