Examples of costs for making a Will, trusts and estate administration

When people ask us: how much will my Will cost? The answer is that we need to know more about you before giving you a fixed price. We first need to understand how simple or complicated your Will might be.

We offer a free quote service so please email us or call our team and we will get back to you as soon as we can. From there we will provide you with a cost and how long it is likely to take. You do not need to use our services once you receive this quote. And if you are unsure of anything, we are here to explain what is involved.

You can book an appointment in 2-3 days and complete your Will in under 2 weeks. HM3 Legal can finalise your Will at your convenience by phone, video or face-to-face by following Covid-19 safety processes.

Timing & Pricing Examples

Reviewing, updating and writing a Will

A standard Will for one person starts from £350+VAT (£420) and standard mirror Wills (ideal for couples) start from £575+VAT (£690) per pair. For complex Wills and Trust Wills, first we need to understand what is required and your situation, and from there we can provide a detailed quote.

We aim to have the draft Will prepared within 7-10 days of instructing us.

We mainly work on a fixed fee basis meaning that you know exactly how much our legal service will cost, and exactly what is involved, so there no hidden surprises and no hidden costs.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

The following costs apply to Property and Financial LPAs or Health and Welfare LPAs.

  • One LPA: £600 + VAT (£720).
  • Two LPAs: £900 + VAT (£1080).
  • Four LPAs: £1200 + VAT (£1440).

Registration fee = £82 per document, payable to the Office of the Public Guardian.

The cost of disbursements (prices are the same for any solicitor) are added to any matter.

Fixed fees for Extraction of Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration

Extractions – No Inheritance Tax (IHT)
  • Extraction with no IHT return = £1000 + VAT (£1200) and disbursements.
  • IHT217 Transfer Nil Rate Band = £1200 + VAT (£1400) and disbursements.
Extractions – Where IHT is payable
  • Varies between £1500-£2000 + VAT (£1800 – £2400) depending on how complex the matter is.

Estate administration

No two estates are the same. Some estates which at first appear simple can become complicated as the administration progresses. Some estates are complex because Inheritance Tax is payable, or other elements such as the estate contains foreign or business assets.

Our hourly rate ranges from £185 to £350 + VAT (£222 to £420 respectively including VAT). More complicated matters require more experienced legal support at the higher hourly rate.

As a guide, the average hourly rate is £268 + VAT.

A simple estate with no complexities can take between 10-20 hours.

Deed of Renunciation = £350 + VAT (£420).

This amount applies to a standard Deed of Renunciation. A more complex Deed of Renunciation is likely to be a higher amount as it is more complicated, which takes additional time to complete.

Deed of Variation = £750 + VAT (£900).
Will Trusts
  • Creation of Life Interest Trust = from £1,250 + VAT (£1,500)
    Creation of a Discretionary Trust = from £1,800 + VAT (£2,160).
  • Deed of Appointment and / or Retirement of Trustees = from £350 + VAT (£420).
  • Trust Registration = from £400 + VAT (£480).

The cost of disbursements (prices are the same for any solicitor) are added to any matter.

  • The Probate Registry fee is a set fee of £273 plus £1.50 per sealed court copy (no VAT is charged).


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