When it comes to challenging a Will after someone has unfortunately passed away, having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side who knows the probate process inside out is often simply not enough. We believe taking a human approach can make all the difference during such a challenging time. 

Legally, probate can involve parties disputing how to divide someone’s estate. Stress and emotions can run high between executors and trustees when sorting out Inheritance Act claims, apportioning property and family heirlooms, or passing on other assets that once belonged to a loved one. And on a personal level, the strain of dealing with probate can be reduced when your lawyer genuinely listens to your situation, is friendly and approachable – and is someone you trust.

If you want to challenge a Will and are unsure where to turn or what to do next, please have an informal conversation with our team. They will be both supportive and sensitive to what you are going through. 


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Difficult Times: Probate & Family Disputes

We know that sorting out probate can be overwhelming. Complicated. Upsetting. It can also divide families (especially when business assets are involved too). What about neighbourhood or business disputes? We have helped many clients resolve commercial property and shareholder disputes. 

In short, we handle contentious probate and a wide variety of other legal disputes. Our lawyers also act as mediators to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation as appropriate.

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  • Any disputes which need a lawyer to step in when things get out of hand between family members or business shareholders.

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