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Have you ever tried recovering overdue invoices? If you have, you’ll know tedious it can be – and often without reward.

Mike and his team have a 97% recovery success rate.

While many people avoid talking about the D-word, most businesses are sitting on debt which could be money in their bank. Some companies are owed a significant amount and few recover the money owed without a great deal of stress. For one logistics client, Mike’s skills and experience increased their net recovery by 25% in one year. He is an expert negotiator who does not damage valuable relationships. His tried and tested process works. Quite often legal costs are not even paid by our client, as the debtor pays.

Mike and his team of commercial debt recovery lawyers work closely with their litigation colleagues. Together they provide a seamless, cradle to grave recovery service, under one roof – something a standard debt collection agency simply cannot offer.

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Meet colleagues Mike works closely with.
Paul Marsh

Consultant Solicitor


Peter Southeran

Consultant Solicitor

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Check out how Mike and team help businesses.
Check out how Mike and team help businesses.