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We’re proud say HM3 Legal is built on referrals from people who have had a positive experience of working with us. Many clients have been returning to us for years – readily recommending us to their family, friends and others.

Need a lawyer?

Ask HM3 Legal about providing any of these legal services:

Wills & Probate

Writing or updating a will, Trust advice, and all aspects of estate planning and management.


Buying & Selling Your Home

Leasehold or freehold? First-time buyer? Get a free, no-obligation quote.


Family & Relationships

All aspects covering divorce, marriage, civil partnerships and cohabiting.


Family Matters: Wills, Trusts, Probate and More

We get it. When the sun is shining it is not easy to talk about making a will. And it’s incredibly overwhelming when someone passes away and you don’t know who to turn for legal advice. Each day we support people facing such difficult situations, and others wanting to get their affairs in order by also setting up a Trust or Lasting Power of Attorney.

We’re not here to make things complicated.

We’re here to listen and give clear advice so you understand your options for protecting what matters to you. No jargon or waffle. We are proud to say that in reviews ‘friendly’ and ‘helpful’ are words clients regularly use about our team. Be reassured that HM3 Legal is here to help you and your family – making sure the right things happen, when the unthinkable happens.

Here’s a guide on timing and pricing for our Wills and Probate service.

Ask us about:

  • Sorting out wills, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), Trusts, inheritance tax planning, or Court of Protection and Deputyships.

New Keys, New Home: Buying and Selling Property

How exciting. Whether it’s their first home, a step-up home, or a forever home we like to share a little of the anticipation when helping clients move. The legal process for buying and selling property can be a long journey, with plenty of surprises along the way. Our conveyancing solicitors have handled many tricky transactions, and are used to navigating speedbumps.

Once you choose our team, we start by guiding you through the process so you know what to expect. This includes providing handy tips so it is clear what is happening at each step. And we keep you updated – even if there are delays out of our hands – so you can plan ahead.

In short we know buying and selling homes can be stressful. That’s just one reason why we provide support from start to end. And because, just like you, we are working toward that all-important moving in day.

Here’s a guide on timing and pricing for our service to help you buy or sell your home.

Ask us about:

  • Buying and selling residential property including freehold, leasehold and inheritance planning.

Family and Relationships

Whatever life throws at you, we are here to support you. At any stage in life. When changes in personal or family relationships happen let our lawyers step in to provide the right advice, when you need it. We can work on your behalf, not on the clock.

How can we help? We can arrange cohabitation agreements, and pre-nuptial agreements for couples getting married or entering into a civil partnership. We also provide legal advice about separating, or getting a divorce.

In the same way that your working life and personal life is linked, our lawyers work closely together. Our joined-up way of doing things means all your legal needs are in one place. And we are proud to say that many of our clients have been with us for years and have no hesitation in recommending us to others.

Ask us about:

  • Family and relationship matters including separation and divorce, arrangements for children, asset and financial planning (for individuals as well as for businesses), relationship breakdowns.

Difficult Times: Probate & Family Disputes

When life gets tough you need a lawyer who is empathetic, supportive, and sensitive to what you’re going through. We won’t go AWOL when you need us. Or hide behind email. Our team communicates in plain English so you understand your options and can make decisions that are best for you.

We know that sorting out probate can be overwhelming. Complicated. Upsetting. It can also divide families (especially when business assets are involved too). What about neighbourhood or business disputes? We have helped many clients resolve commercial property and shareholder disputes. Our range of services even includes recovering money tied up in overdue invoices up to six years old.

In short, we handle probate and a wide variety of legal disputes. Our lawyers also act as mediators to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

Ask us about:

  • Any disputes which need a lawyer to step in when things get out of hand between family members or business shareholders.

How can we help?

Provide us with full details here of the legal support you are looking for so we can fast-track your enquiry. The details you provide are to help us direct your enquiry to the best person who can help you.

Let Ruth and her team help you and your family sort out wills, probate, IHT planning and more.

Legal services which are the right fit for you

We treat everyone as an individual and adapt the advice so it measures up to expectations. Which is what we feel you deserve.

Whatever life throws at you, at some point you are likely to need a lawyer – it’s unavoidable. Common questions people ask solicitors are, “What will it cost?” or “How long will it take?” Understandably, they might worry about receiving a surprise bill for more than they expected. Some more traditional law firms might still work this way. HM Legal does not. Our friendly lawyers look out for and work for you, not the clock. We take the time to clearly explain every process and option in plain English, so the service is transparent and there are no runaway costs.

It’s very rewarding to legally guide clients through life’s milestones, like buying their first home, building a business, investing in company premises, or writing a will to protect everything that matters most to them.

Joined-up legal advice for you and your business