We’re proud say HM3 Legal is built on referrals from people who have had a positive experience of working with us. Many clients have been returning to us for years – readily recommending us to their family, friends and others. We are very proud to say that for many clients we have guided them through life’s major milestones – from buying a first home to retirement. Regular 5-star reviews suggests they appreciate how we treat them as an individual, not a file, tailoring our support to their needs – not the other way round.

Helping people sort their lifetime ‘legals’ includes buying and selling homes, writing and updating Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney, supporting them going through probate (including disputing a will), drafting a pre-nuptial agreement, and working through complicated family and relationship situations such as divorce, children’s issues, and financial agreements.

In short, our team is very experienced at helping clients navigating and planning for life’s changes and challenges …

Legal advice for individuals

Annual reflections and review process allows colleagues to have open conversations about career progression, and SMART personal goals. 

We don’t leave it 12 months between discussions. We believe in supporting ongoing growth through mid-year reviews and regular 1:1s.

Progression pathways are transparent. They are designed so everyone knows what they are working toward, and how to get there. 

Bite-sized training ensures continual development, means colleagues can step away from their desks to focus on self-improvement. ‘Power Hour’ sessions develop personal skills while ‘How to Wow’ focusses on personal development.

Mentoring scheme recognises the talent with in HM3, and taps into this. It gives colleagues the chance to share knowledge, support and learn from each other. Mentoring is open to 100% of employees, and provides a  the opportunity for collaboration between teams at all levels.

This scheme is about developing skills – legal or otherwise – as well as ‘soft’ skills, best practice, and sharing ideas. Mentors and mentees both find the partnerships are reciprocally beneficial.

We recognise we all have something to contribute, regardless of role or experience.

Buying and selling houses takes time. We aim to reduce the stress at each stage of the conveyancing process – particularly for first-time buyers who may not know what to expect next. Clients appreciate the local knowledge and expertise of our conveyancing team, and the detailed pack they receive after they instruct us.

Our ‘no chase’ pledge means just that. Rather than keep you waiting and wondering where things are up to with your purchase or sale, we provide regular updates to guide you through from the first step to the day you get the keys. Our unique ‘roadmap’ even highlights where to expect speedbumps, and pricing is transparent meaning there are no surprise add-ons at a later stage!

Here’s a guide on timing and pricing for our service to help you buy or sell your home.

Making a Will or reviewing a Will is something many people believe is for older people. Any time is the right time to get your legal affairs in order. Drafting or updating a Will brings peace of mind for people who want their wishes to be carried out when they are no longer around. This covers sorting out who will benefit from their estate. What about more personal aspects such as documenting choices of music, or colours to wear at the service? We also help clients with their Letter of Wishes to accompany their Will which loved ones often appreciate when the time comes.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) lets you appoint one or more people to make decisions on your behalf. We can help with both kinds of LPA: property and financial affairs, and health and welfare. Again LPAs are not only for older people, as they can be short or long term – even for certain situations such as drafting a financial LPA when someone is in hospital and temporarily cannot manage their financial affairs. We also help clients set up Trusts and plan for potential care home fees.

We’re here to listen and give clear advice so you understand your options for protecting what matters to you. 

Here’s a guide on timing and pricing for our Wills and Probate service.

The probate process can be overwhelming and can also divide friends and families (especially when business assets are involved too). Our team of specialists has helped many clients resolve neighbourhood disputes, business disputes, commercial property and shareholder disputes. We can also assist anyone who is challenging the contents of a Will (also known as contentious probate).

For business leaders, bringing in our team of experts early during a business dispute can save both time and money. Or if things are getting out of hand we can act as mediators, getting people round the table to avoid a dispute turning into lengthy (and expensive) litigation.

Here’s a guide on timing and pricing for our Wills and Probate service.

Family and relationship lawyers are absolutely essential to legally guide you through divorce, separation and other tricky situations that can turn your world upside down – and impact those around you, including when you want to make arrangements for childrenWe can arrange cohabitation agreements, and pre-nuptial agreements for couples getting married or entering into a civil partnership. We also provide legal advice about asset and financial planning (for individuals as well as for businesses), and relationship breakdowns.

Our team is recognised in the prestigious Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners publications, and Elizabeth Hassall receives recognition in the Legal 500 Hall of Fame, an accolade reserved for a few select lawyers at the top of the profession. We are proud to say that many of our clients have been with us for years and have no hesitation in recommending us to family and friends.

Employment law for employees is a complicated area to navigate, both professionally and personally. Our team helps clients navigate details in employment contracts and what specific terms mean so you know exactly where you legally stand. We also cover workplace grievances, all types of discrimination, redundancy, settlement agreements, and restrictive covenants. We often say the devil is in the (legal) detail, so if you find yourself in a challenging situation at work, you need to call on specialists with experience – not a lawyer who ‘dabbles’ in employment law. Put your future in the hands of a team of experts who know their onions when it comes to policies and agreements, and are up to date with the latest changes in employment law.

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