Meet Lindsey Kidd

Managing Director

Lindsey combines decades of legal expertise in employment law with a commercial and people-first mind set which clients highly recommend. Her leadership is spearheading the strategic business plan to change lives for the better – for clients, colleagues and communities. Bold HM3 Legal ideas are being transformed into tangible service improvements and our lawyers are delivering law in a refreshing way.

Colleagues appreciate Lindsey’s support and commitment to developing their individual strengths and clients recognise her genuine passion for doing law differently: “I advocate building genuinely strong relationships, delivering excellent service and achieving unexpectedly refreshing experience for our clients.”

By listening to and supporting others, Lindsey’s vision is reshaping HM3 Legal – for now and the future.

Does your business have bold ambitions? Let us help you and your team move forward.

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Discover what makes HM3 Legal bl**dy brilliant.
Discover what makes HM3 Legal bl**dy brilliant.