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Are you looking for a contracts lawyer?

Do you sell goods and services? Do you want to minimise the risk to your business and stop your contracts costing you money? As an expert contract lawyer, Rachael helps SMEs avoid red flags by having the right paperwork in place. For example, while it may be easy to ‘just sign’ paperwork, by bringing Rachael in early she can remove risk in terms and conditions or agreements that could compromise business operations.

Rachael assists a range of businesses on commercial contract and regulatory matters. She also works closely with Joanne Shelley regarding intellectual property (IP) matters. This combination of expertise in one practice is unusual in the legal profession.

Why does this matter? For a business, in legal terms the ‘joined-up’ nature of commercial law and IP means providing holistic commercial advice, within one team, under one roof.

Industry-specific expertise

Rachael works with small to medium sized, owner managed companies and international PLCs. Industry-specific expertise includes oil and gas, manufacturing, and engineering.

Rachael has worked in-house for a well-known manufacturer in the oil and gas industry, and for an Emirati service provider. This in-house experience means Rachael understands the importance of striking the balance between managing the legal risk and getting the deal done.

Commercial law and regulatory expertise

Rachael’s expertise covers all forms of commercial arrangements and contracts, regulatory and IP matters. This includes:

  • Terms and conditions of sale and purchase (consumer and B2B).
  • Supply of goods and services agreements.
  • Distribution, agency and franchising agreements.
  • Confidentiality agreements (Non-disclosure Agreements or NDAs).
  • e-Commerce and online trading.
  • Data protection (GDPR) regulations.
  • Modern slavery and Anti-bribery and corruption regulations.
  • Advertising laws (CAP code).

Please get in touch for a no-obligation discussion to see how Rachael can help you.

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Rachael works closely with …

Corporate lawyers and Joanne, to provide holistic commercial law and IP advice, all under one roof.

Anne Scheland


Head of Corporate & Commercial

Lauren Douglas

Trainee Solicitor

Corporate, Commercial & Employment

Prevent contracts from costing you money
Prevent contracts from costing you money